How to Protect PDF from Copying For Free

From time to time, users need to protect their PDF files from copying. PDF Password Locker & Remover provides users an option to prevent other users from copying text or content with its anti-copy technology. It is simple but effective. What’s more, it is free.

In this tutorial, people can learn how to protect PDF from copying with this freeware: PDF Password Locker & Remover.

Step 1: Add PDF File

You can add files using either the drag-and-drop method or the application's "Add PDF" button. Batch process is supported.

Add PDF Files

Step 2: Check the anti-copy option

On the right side, choose the anti-copy option. You can also set your user password or owner password or both. Learn how to protect PDF files.

check anti-copy option

Step 3: Start anti-copy process.

What you should do next is clicking the “Start” button. You can also change the default destination folder if it is needed for you. Then you will get the anti-copy PDF files.

start anti-copy process

PDF files before and after anti-copy process

In the end

Thank you for using our program. Although it is a freeware, we are still looking forward to hearing suggestions or advice from you. If you have any suggestions or problems when using PDF Password Locker & Remover, please contact us.

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